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critique my first css site plzzzzzz

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The www.biblegateway.com line now looks better. The "m" is only half going into the black border. One or two pixels/points/whatever down would probably place it perfectly, but it's acceptable now too :) .Hope you remove the empty <p>s and <br /> spacers though. They seem silly.You may want to validate your CSS. It has one error and many warnings. Don't get crazy over eliminating the warnings, but fix your error.Displaying a site in multiple resolutions is trickier then displaying a fixed resolution site. I wondered how did you got a 3 column layout so easily, and now it seems it's because of fixed values. If you had used relative ones, you would have had greather problems. 3 column layouts are known as "holly grails" simply because they are the hardest to implement. Different solutions nowadays always requre some sort of sacrifice in order to run. For example, they work only in the latest browsers with no backwards compatability, or they requre the user to have the window maximized, or a lot of extra markup, etc. etc.Your page looks good in higher resolutions though. I have 1280x1024 and it looks great. Or do you mean something even higher like 1600x1200?By the way, I'm 17 (turned them this month) :) .

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ahh... i see. thx for the IE7 feedback. i'm working on removing all those empty p's and br's. will get there soon... along with going through the validation thing.how did i get the 3 column? lol. i literally glued myself to the css tutorial and read it ear to ear and tried ALL the examples. then read it through again. did some fooling around and trials. read again and tried to do things as i read to see how it works. then decided to redo a site i did a couple months ago with css... was originally done using only tables. and now here is where i am. still got a lot of things to learn though- as you could see.well- i have my pc resolution set to 1152*864. i increased it just to test and thought the site looked a lil' small. oh well...so u just turned 17 huh? :blink: hmmm.... so now i've got another one half my age teaching me. em em em... so i've got people twice, 4 times, 50 times and 100 times younger than i am teaching me! i quit!!! lol. haha. just kidding. thats kool. keep up the great work!!! :):):) i have not uploaded any new changes-- want to upload something with some significant changes- i'm working on it.

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so reportingsjr, you are really 14 huh? lol. young and very knowledgeable i see. i see you have a very bright future ahead of u somewhere in the IT world already! but try your best to balance with the school work though- it might come back to haunt you somehow.thanks for pointing out the error- yes, its suppose to be papyrus. i'll go n' fix it.ps- i'm not sure how it feels having someone twice as young as i am teach me. lol. just kidding. :) keep up the good work. just try to balance with the school work. :) ok- here is a question i have. how do i get the entire site to display at 80% on any computer, rather than having a definite size? why- i find that when i increase the screen resolution to a high setting- the site looks real small. any suggestions? thx
First: thank you for the comment! That is very nice of you.second: Yea, also mistral = minstral or something simialar? never heard of that font either!Third: Shouldnt matter how young people are or what they look like, thats why I prefer the internet! You cant tell how old people are to shun them or what have you and same for looks.Now on to your question!Put the content in a div, and with css put this:
.div_class_name {margin: auto;width: 80%}

That will center it and make it 80% of the browser width no matter the resolution.

By the way, I'm 17 (turned them this month) :) .
Congratulations! Happy birthday!
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First: thank you for the comment! That is very nice of you.Third: Shouldnt matter how young people are or what they look like, thats why I prefer the internet! You cant tell how old people are to shun them or what have you and same for looks.
You are right smartie! age and looks shouldnt matter. and it doesnt for me. but, unfortunately- it does influence how ppl perceive u at times- thats the unforunate reality of life. as u get older- you'll see it more n' more. but u can pm me on this so we dont lose focus of the thread. lol.but i'm happy that u and boen and all of the other youths have found something that you really enjoy doing and has a promising future career wise as well, and keeps u occupied. so, i say- hip hip hurray... dont stop learning. its funny, but the more we learn in life, the more we realise we dont know much! hmmm....anyway- back to the topic- i'll try that and see how it works ok. thanks much.
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