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Guest anderson.fvgn

I am not sure if this would be an HTML question or a Javascript question, so I will post in both forums. Here is my problem:I am designing an off-line site for my school work. I have access to several books online that I want to be able to access off-line. My idea was to save all the pages as Complete web pages and then go in and link them all together. This has proven more of a challenge than I originally expected.My idea now is to use Frames and have a navigation frame on top with buttons to go forward and backward through the book and then have the bottom frame display the text of the book. This would work great if I could use the same navigation page uniformly throughout the site. But, because each time you click the buttons, it would require a separate address I would need to have a separate navigation page for each page of the "book" and this would require about 120 different navigation pages...What can I do to be able to use the same navigation page all throughout the site? I hope I am making sense...Ben

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