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real life project in PHP/MySQL.


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of course, I have lot's of projects, a few of which I might turn down, but I would of course have to charge you around 15-20 percent of the total price. I am in the middle of 1 project for 1500 building a classified system1 project for 1000 building a different system1 project for 3000 on a teamed with me and a friend, 1500 a pieceanother person about to send me a projectworking on details with someone about something at the end of this weekdoing 2 minor projects for 2 other peopleand a guy who said he had about 4 people wanting to get phpbb up and running, for around 50-75 which I turned down, because they wanted it skinned and everything, I am sure I can find you something to do, email me, businessman332211@hotmail.com

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