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strange error


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now i get ... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting ',' or ';' in /u/internet/com/dickeyjohn/test.php on line 76and

 <?php do { ?>				 <option value="<?=$row_rs_industry['industry_id'];?>"<?=(isset($_GET['industry_id']) && $_GET['industry_id'] == $row_rs_industry['industry_id']) { ?> selected<?php } ?>><?=$row_rs_industry['industry_name'];?></option>

thats the line of code

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what are you trying to accomplish there?!? are you trying to make a dropdown with values?try this, its cleaner, thats kind of messy and really hard to understand!

<?phpdo{echo "<option value='$row_rs_industry['industry_id']'";if(isset($_GET['industry_id']) && $_GET['industry_id'] == $row_rs_industry['industry_id']){echo " selected='selected'>'";}echo $row_rs_industry['industry_id'];echo "</option>";}while($something == "something")?>

That should work, if not tell me specifically what you want!

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