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Action Script Urgent Help Needed!

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Hi Guys,I have to fix an action script bug today for a client and I don't know how!The link to the website is :http://www.cueball.com/cueball.html. If you go in the People > Team section, and you click on one of the pictures, a navigator will appear at the bottom of the page. Now, if you click once on one dot it will bring you up a new page, and the small thumbnail (top right) corresponding to that page will be highlighted. Which is great! But if you click again on the same dot it will bring up again the same page, BUT the next small thumbnail at top of pages is highlighted - which shouldn't happen! If I click once again on the dot the right thumbnail is highlighted once again!!!!!!!Please help me fix the code!function pageLoad(page) { var page = page.substring(0, page.indexOf("_")); _root.gotoAndPlay(page); trace("PAGE = " + page); var pgNum = Number(page.substr(1)); trace("pgNum = " + pgNum); for (var i=1; i<=_root.ttlPgs; i++) { dot = eval('p'+i); if (i == pgNum) { dot.gotoAndPlay("on"); } else { dot.gotoAndPlay("off"); } } if (pgNum == 1) { prvArrow.gotoAndPlay("off"); } else { prvArrow.gotoAndPlay("on"); } if (pgNum == _root.ttlPgs) { nxtArrow.gotoAndPlay("off"); } else { nxtArrow.gotoAndPlay("on"); }};

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