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Submitting from a PHP Form to XML document


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Eurika!"Add" function just implemented. The thing I was missing was the setAttribute() function. I'm still thingking on how to generate the new ID properly, and I'm up to creating a delete and edit functions, but this is still a great progress:

<?php//Prepare the variables and constants$xmlFile = "photo.xml";	//Your XML file$action = $_POST["action"];	//What are we going to do with it$DBroot = "images";	//This is the element storing everything else.$DBunit = "image";	//The elements you have in the pseudo DB.//Prepare the XML file.$dom = new DomDocument;$dom->formatOutput = true;$dom->preserveWhiteSpace = true;$dom->load($xmlFile);$xpath = new DomXPath($dom);//Perform the desired actionswitch($action){	case "add":		$parent_path = "/" . $DBroot;		$next_path = "/" . $DBroot . "/" . $DBunit . "[position() = last() + 1]";		// Find parent node		$parent = $xpath->query($parent_path);		// new node will be inserted before this node		$next = $xpath->query($next_path);		// Create the new element		$newDBunit = $dom->createElement($DBunit);		//Create all of the element's attributes		foreach ($_POST as $attribute => $value) {			if (!empty($value) && $attribute !== "action") {				$newDBunit->setAttribute($attribute,$value);			}		}		//The new ID is the number of elements + 1.		//Unfrortunatly, this doesn't cover the situation when some item is missing, but the ID must still increment.		$newDBunit->setAttribute("id",$xpath->evaluate("count(//@id)") + 1);				// Insert the new element and the whitespaces around it.		$whiteSpaceBefore = $dom->createTextNode("	");		$whiteSpaceAfter = $dom->createTextNode("\n");		$parent->item(0)->insertBefore($whiteSpaceBefore, $next->item(0));		$parent->item(0)->insertBefore($newDBunit, $next->item(0));		$parent->item(0)->insertBefore($whiteSpaceAfter, $next->item(0));		$content = $dom->saveXML();		break;	case "remove":		die("REMOVE Not implemented");		break;	case "edit":		die("EDIT Not implemented");		break;}//Save the output and notify if there are any errors.$writingToFile = file_put_contents($xmlFile,$content);if (!$writingToFile) {die("Error writing to file");}echo "File written successfully. The new file is " . $writingToFile . " bytes large.";?>

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