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Simple Query or not


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I have a sql question that somebody probably knows off the top of their head. I have a table with data like this...TABLE> ID> FIELD1> FIELD2> FIELD3> TYPEI need to find how many rows contain data where the set (FIELD1, FIELD2, FIELD3) is the same, but the (TYPE) is different. In other words, all the fields have different values, but if the set of the 3 (FIELD1 = 1, FIELD2 = 2, and FIELD3 = 3) is the same, then I need to find instances where TYPE is not the same. I hope I am explaining this clearly. Basically, if there is more than 1 row where FIELD1=X, FIELD2=Y, and FIELD3=Z, I need to know if TYPE is different among the rows. Ideas?

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