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I am looking for some assistance

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Hello all,I am trying to do an assignment I got from my teacher but I just for the life of me cant figure out how I am going to go about doing. If you dont mind helping that would be great I went ahead and made the page I am going to put the assignment on just need to figure out how to do it but look here.... http://www.oliazk.com/assign3.htmlI dont want the answer just some idea how to do it. I am externally linking the javascript file.Thanks for any help. :)

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ok... basically what is going to happen is that you are going to have a for loop. something likefor( i = 1;i<5;i++){//Code executed here...}What you would have to do would be one of 2 things, since you are apparetly learning Javascript, i'll go with the less complex one.have the javascript print out a table tag before the loop. IEdocument.write("<table>");and then have it echo the closing table tag AFTER the for loop;FOR LOOP HEREdocument.write("</table>";from there you woudl take the variable "i" and multiply it by 10,100, and 1000, thusly storing these 3 values in 3 different variables and then echoing them like:document.write("<tr>\n<td>"+times10Var+"</td>\n<td>\n"+times100Var+"</td><td>\n"+times1000var+"</td>\n</tr>\n");Have fun.

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