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I need a blog that will obay my CSS


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Hi,I am not sure where to put this but because it is related to css it can go here, lolI decided to start a new review site yesterday, so I set up a hosting account and all that... I wanted to be able to post a review, with images etc and for people to be able to comment on how useful the review was, or just what they thought of it. I thought the easyiest way to do this would to be to use a blog script. I decided to use Wordpress since I had heard it was good, but I dont really like it, and I cant use my own css with it unless I change the default css but it confuses me, lol, with all its custom divs and all :)So...I just wondered, can anyone tell me a blog that will literally just post and let comments be posted, under the paragraph format or one that you specify and it will relate to your style sheet and you can also make it appear inside a DIV?or...Can anyone link me to a site that has a tutorial to making your own blog, very basically? like one that has a way to post by logging on as admin and posting through a html enabled text box from the site, will let people (not logged in) to comment at the bottom of each post and last but not least, can all be viewed inside a div?Really sorry for the long and confusing post but please, someone help me!lolps. when I say text box from the website, I mean like the one i am typing in right now to post this topic.

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