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i am trying to CREATE A TABLE AND ENTER VARIABLES IN IT.THE formatone row, three columns ( the blue color is Hue: 160 Sat:240 and Lum:60 or in the RED, GREEN BLUE FORMAT IT WOULD BE 0, 0, 128row 1 col 1 background color blue font white top line large font ( times new roman, bold, 36pt) Variable1line breaksome text ( times new roman, regular, 10pt)row 1 col 2background whiteimage name JoinNow.jpg linked to join.htmrow 1 col 3backgrond color blue, font white. Top line large font variable2 ( large font same as Variable 1line breaksome text ( fonts same as the text under variable 1)i am sure this is fairly simple, but i an new with javascript. thank you all very much.If this is alot of work to ask, i would appreciate a link or a tutorial thatwould help

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<table id="myTable"><tr><td id="col1"></td><td id="col2"></td><td id="col3"></td></tr></table>


var col1 = document.getElementById('col1');var col2 = document.getElementById('col2');var col3 = document.getElementById('col3');col1.style.backgroundColor = 'blue';col1.style.borderTop = '1px solid #fff';col1.style.fontSize = '20px';..etc,etc

give that a try

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