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Scrolling image @ bottem of screen

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Does anyone know how or what its called when you have an image which in my case is a vector image of grass that I want to use at the bottem of my site that will stay at the bottem even when you scroll. Basicly my site is being designed for 800px wide and the grass image is 800px wide by 600 high and it fades from blue to white. I need it so that grass is at the bottem of the screen at all times and as your scroll down the grass goes down and where it fades up to white. White will be up at the top no matter what the window size. So if you are viewing at 1024x768 you would have the 800px image centered and at the bottem and then when the end of my image is reached going from bottem to top the white at the end of the gradient continues up to the top of the screen, in this case being 168 consdidering the image is 800 heigh. If anyone know even remotely what im doing or how to do it please tell me.

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