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My game is a foot


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I am thinking about converting my website to php. Why you ask? For a laugh!Anyway, I might be close to cracking it.You can see a trial page made using php here.This is how I did it.

<?php$chapter="Fuel cycle";$page="Heel-deep in it";$update="mktime(0,0,0,10,11,2006);$prev=array("economics","Paying for it");$next=array("decom","Decommissioning");?><?php include("northpart.php"); ?>//All the content<?php include("southpart.php"); ?>

So basically, I made two associated php files. If you look at the source for the page, "northpart.php" contains all the HTML from the opening of the "content" container upwards. "southpart.php" contains all the HTML from the closing of that container downwards. The titles, next/prev links and update stamps are in those files, but the variables allow them to be entered.Is this a particularly proper way to do it?Would it adversely affect the load times?

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