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Trying to construct a pattern restriction


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I want to specify a type as being an array of values, all comma seperated.The first number x in the array is the number of pairs of points.Then, there will be x number of pairs (the numbers in each pair cannot exceed 10000), with a maximum of 500 pairs.For example, the array might read:4,100,100,25,100,30,30,254,200I am having trouble figuring out the correct pattern for validation.So far I have:pattern value ="[0-10000]{1}(,[1-10000],[1-10000]{1,500})?"but that doesn't seem to work. I know it isn't quite right but I can't quite decipher the specification explanation of the pattern restriction to make it work.Also, if the tag was blank, it must also be a valid value.Can anyone help?

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