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Coding Problem and XHTML Validation Help


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Greetings everyone,I’m trying to fix and find some errors on my site to make it XHTML/CSS compliant and make sure it works nicely in all browsers as possible. I have a page that is having issues so I’m using that as my focus to get everything working good which should work with the whole site.I’m using a CMS, template driven, CSS, snippets/modules, and chunks. First thing is I didn’t create any of the stuff I’m just of course tweaking the template and such to make the site do what I want.The 2 issues I’m trying to figure out are:1.)http://www.tapanime.com/cms/pageinfo/contact.phpOn this page you can see that sometimes the Send feedback button and the code for if there are errors when you submit something, they both sometimes go below and behind the footer. I think that this is more a CSS issue than an XHTML issue not sure?2.)I’m of course trying to make the page without errors so when I ran the contact page through the w3schools validation service and here are the results.http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%...e&verbose=1There are a total of 11 errors. The main one I’m attempting to figure out is the top one; I don’t understand the error or know where to go from here.I’m not good at this sort of stuff but I’m trying my best to research and fix as I go and I’m not at a point where I have no idea on some of the errors or what to fix so any help out there? Here is a Zip of the CSS I'm using:http://www.tapanime.com/cms/assets/templat...animetor-4b.zipIf any other items or code that is needed please let me know I’ll send you what you need.Thanks everyone

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