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Hello fellas,Im an old adept of HTML and Im trying to upgrade myself to XHTML.-Wich file extension should I use for XHML?In theory, it shoudn't be THAT different, BUT, with IE6, if I use different file extensions the result comes out different too!If I use *.xml extensions(should I use XML extensions for XHTML files?), IE displays the Document Element Tree instead of what I wanted, that would only appear if I would use the *.html or *.xhtml extensions.I am very Confused, can anyone help me out?Thanks a lot. :)

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First lesson of the day:XML != XHTMLXML is not XHTML. If you want XHTML, you should stick with the .html extension. XHTML is not that different to HTML and browsers will know how to interpret your page by the doctype you've included at the top of your page (well, that you should include at the top of your page).XML is a very different matter. Internet Explorer is right in trying to show you Document Element Tree, as that's how XML files should be shown.So, use the .html extension as that's the correct one (.xhtml will work too, however, not all servers will be certain how to display it, so it's safer to use .html).

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