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Fetching an external page through javascript


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Hi :)I'm currently making a PHP-script where I need javascript to do the "fetching"-part. With "Fetching", I mean getting an external page's code(HTML) into a Javascript variable, and eventually a file, that vil eventually be read by PHP :)Now, I've already tried some things, but they didn't work. I tried using this code, for instance: (it's only a part of it, but it's the "crucial bits :("window.frame['name'].document.documentElement.innerHTMLto fetch the info itself, together with<iframe name="name" src="a webpage"></iframe>However it only worked if the src in the iframe was on the same server as the script. How can I get javascript to fetch a page outside my server?Now, you might ask, why make Javascript do the fetching part? You see, at the page i'm fetching from, i have to be logged in. Javascript, being clientside, can to this, PHP, being server-side, cannot.Any ideas?

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