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Here you can be welcomed to the forum. Just introduce yourself, so we can get to know everyone better. This is not a place for questions, so keep that in mind. My name is Chocolate570 and I am a moder

That's when kaijim joined, so I'm thinking it'd be a bit later, seeing as when you first join the board as administrator, you have to set up the board and stuff. You'd probably be right in saying July

Full name: AshmikaAlternative name(s): AshBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 09.10.1981Gender: FemaleZodiacal sign: LibraCountry of residance: IndiaCity of residance: MumbaiHeight: 5'4Weight: 120lbsEyes: BrownHa

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Full name: Robert MillerAlternative name(s): stargazznBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): Aug 1959Gender: GuyZodiacal sign:Country of residance: RussiaCity of residance: MoscowSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: CaffineAdditional comments: I'm pretty good with HTML, I've done some CSS but still learning. I am trying to teach myself PHP because I've started a new life in a foreign country. My biggest or only advantage is my native language which is English. I've created a webpage www.speaknatural.ru and I really need to use PHP to make my page professional. I'm into PHP now less than a week and it seems very easy and straight forward for a programming language which I am not. I have been exposed to programming concepts.

My page's Grand Opening is 60 days away. So I have a lot of work to do. So far my biggest trouble is getting a simple contact form to work. Perhaps it's my server settings but I don't think so, perhaps it's my code but I can find the problem/s


I see myself with a great deal to learn so I'll be a long time participant here.


So, Hello! ;)

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Name: Sheerly (can't reveal my family name, sorry..)

Age: 24 1/2

Zodiac: Cancer

Occupation: Web Design Student

Experience Level: Still a novice..

Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Music: Indie, rock, electronic, most other dance music, chill-wave and some pop and old school rap.

Film: Mostly indie and art films.

Hobbies: Photography, surfing the web, eating out, exploring different places, meeting new people and being inspired. B)

Misc: I'm just to get extra help and advice on web design, I would also like to brush up on my skills more and to improve my portfolio. I would love to meet each and everyone of you guys though.

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to the world of internet language! I'm an author and publisher, and I've built a website to help in my career as an author. My site is WordPress built, self-hosted on Bluehost, and I have my own SSL. Since I've recently switched over to self-hosting, I wanted to learn a bit about coding in case I needed to debug something. So I started on the html tutorial here. The tutorials have been wonderful! I knew nothing about code, other than copying and pasting it into a widget (my high school computer class was Programming in Basic-I guess that dates me a bit! And Windows didn't exist yet, much less the internet). Though I'm far from being able to write my own pages (I have a theme that does that for me), I have been able to modify some codes in widgets to suit my needs. After finishing the CSS tutorial, I plan to continue with JavaScript.Just wanted to wave hello!

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Full name: Olivia ZaneAlternative name(s):Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 25 May 1985Gender: FemaleZodiacal sign: N/aCountry of residance: South AfricaCity of residance:South AfricaHeight: 1.6mWeight: 65kgEyes: greyHair: depends lolSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: n/aFavourite Music: countryFavourite Movies: cia moviesInterest: chessPets: doggsAdditional comments:

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Hello everybody :


Full name: Abdel Karim LyAlternative name(s): MastermindBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 21/03/1983Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: AriesCountry of residence: MoroccoCity of residence: RabatHeight: 1.88 mWeight: 115 kgEyes: blackHair: blackSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: No/No/NoFavorite Music: Classic Rock ; Classical Guitar ; Classical Piano ; Classical ; Pop Rock ; Soft Rock ; Top Hits ; Urban Pop Hits ; American Songbook ; Caffé de Paris ; ...Favorite Movies: Action ; Comedy ; Science Fiction ; Suspense (Thriller).Interest: Sport ; Reading ; and of course Coding.Pets: NoAdditional comments: I'm married to a beautiful and charming young lady, and I've two kids.

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Hello World! I'm just members here for need help my problem code.


oh I'm Zerivo, is 26 year old and from Norway.

I use language code as hobby, most to website and game (not make game but like wiki, calculator etc)

I know HTML and Javascript.

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Name: JasonGender: MaleZodiac sign: LibraCountry: IndiaDidn't know you guys had a forum going or I'd have registered a while back. :mellow:I have been planning on making a personal site for a while now but somehow never really found a place that'd teach a noob like me. :P Your tutorials are fantastic. Thx for everything. :)

Hey Jason I'm from India too :Happy: nice to meet you

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I'm E from midlands, UK.

I'm a lapsed systems programmer who thought he'd have a go at learning HTML, CSS, javascript etc & this is where I've ended up. I've had internet access since the early 80s yet I have never developed a website until this week with a bit of help from w3schools.com, so thank you. I haven't done any coding for nearly ten years so figured I'd choose something relatively simply to ease back into it, I am also learning python. I use linux (kxstudio) and in my past life developed in C/C++ & assembler and specialised in SCADA & process control.

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fellow coders pleasure to meet you all :)


I just got hired to work for an insurance firm!!!I would love if everyone could help me prepare my skills and knowledge so that I may help my workers and company happy.

Currently, I'm expected to learn jQuery and JavaScript.


To everyone who helps me thanks a bunch much appreciated. :)



Gerardo Morillo

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