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Ok first of all im not from either UK or USA. And this is Flash. So, I'm going to explain everything from the beginning:I draw a little guy in frame 1 just for fun cause I wanted to edit him later. I marked him and pressed F8 (Made to a Movieclip cymbol) so he popped up in the library. Now i mark the guy and press "edit". So now i want to edit him, so i make like 8 frames called "Left leg" "Right arm" "head" and such. And when hes done i press Enter and watch as the guy moves with all his bodyparts. So i saved it. Then i pressed F8 and made it to a Graphic cymbol and copied it and pasted in the movie. And now its only a freezepicture of the first frame.I have tested to copy each frame individually in to the movie (Each bodypart making the guy)and it worked, but i think its unneccessary to have 8 layers if it could work with 1. Help is really appreciated

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