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request.querystring subrequest.querystrin ,...

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Hello,Let me first try to explain you what i am trying to do! I have created an page default.asp where a loop on vaules from db is made and i get a list of data.HOMESUPPORTSOFTWAREHARDWARENow i have made an querystring , so if i chose one of the values , for example SOFTWARE i will get next page:HOMESUPPORTSOFTWAREHARDWAREWindowsXPWindows2000Windows98Windows95How do i get this data. When i chose a SOFTWARE the querystring takes an value and starts if sentence If Request.QueryString (VALUE) ="Software"<!--#include file="softwarelist.asp"-->End IF... O.K. the problem comes now in softwarelist where:WindowsXPWindows2000Windows98Windows95is i have another querystring so that if i click for example WindowsXPI will get sub content(zip,rar,iso,..) . If i run software list by itself works fine, but if i run it unde default.asp i will get with get with screen only with fist values of SOFTWARE, HARDWARE,...I know that the problem is in querystringdefault.asp?value=Software works , but when you call sub querystring t he problem comes because i lose default.asp?value=Software and is changed into whatever the href of the querystring in software.asp is What i would like to see but i cant is:HOMESUPPORTSOFTWAREHARDWAREWindowsXPWindows2000Windows98Windows95ziprarisoSo how to do the querystring or set the href of every sub querystring that the data of previous and this one would be still there and i could open all sub "data" - some kind of menu , submenu , subsubmenu,...Thank you for hel i hope u understand

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that's a pretty long post for something relatively simple (at least if i understand you right)just work with it liksedefault?q=1&w=2&r=3a = request.querystring("q")b = request.querystring("w")c = request.querystring("r")and then u work off the routine with a select case or if series ... enjoy

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