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Okay,Hi, i have a website, i need to know two things 1) I have a sign up page, its a form, i want the entered input to be stored in a database? How do i go by this? Please any info will help 2) I have a login page, what code do i use to validate the information given by the user via the database, i have seen examples of code at other websites, but i just really dont know how to go by putting everything together. especially which page to insert the codes. Someone please help meThanks Revolution

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1) to handle databases, you'll need some server-side code, like ASP or PHP2) with the server-side, you can handle the login too, try something like save each login/password (if found in your database) in a 'SESSION' of 'COOKIE' variable, and verify in each page if it has any content, if not, use something like PHP's 'exit()' functionps.: if you didn't understood anything of what i said in item 2, try learning some server-side scripting at www.w3schools.com ^^ good luck

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