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Rows per page - LOOP

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Hello,How can you create a loop that will after a limited nuber of row or exported data create a new page and loop on , and again create new page,....So if you have 1000 row, i would like to limit this on to subpages to ever hundred or less rows per page. I don t eaven know is there other function in asp that creates that,..Thank you an example woul be welcome.L

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If you're talking about web pages, you don't create more then one at a time. If you want to display a certain number of rows per page, you need to pass variables between your pages that tell them how many to show on the page, and which row to start at. So page 1 would start at row 1, page 2 would start at row 101 or something, page 3 would start at row 201..

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