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in my browser it has advanced option for selecting the style sheet to be used.


is there any reason you could not or wouldn't like to have your own custom style sheet that you design for basic alterations involving only the points of interest like headers or text size or so on?

I always see the option and consider what would work fairly universally in a sort of way.


Not my lives ambition but it could be helpful if it would work fairly smooth.

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We, the mods, have decided to keep all browser discussion in one thread. All discussion concerning browser differences, why one is better than the other, etc. will be redirected here. Should a topic g

IE 7 will have Alpha Channel support for PNG images.

In that case this comparison would also be useful I guess...

Posted Images

Vivaldi is also based on Chromium, it was a shame to lose Opera because they had the Presto engine through version 12 to provide a counter to the other engines.  Both Opera and Vivaldi use Chromium (specifically Blink), although Opera is now owned by a Chinese company.

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I guess with the phase out of flash, anyone still running an XP system, using Firefox which is still supported for it, would have less of a memory problem? Ads, and youtube for example, I still have an XP system, stopped using it in late 2016.

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