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<object><embed> BASE question

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I needed to put up my provider's swf files. I put them in different folders that is not a sub-folder to the ASP file that embed the flash. I try many ways to load the flash (swf) up but fail except 2 times.I could load the flash in 2 case:1) put the HTM file in the same folder2) use HTML tag <BASE> to change to the folder that contains the swf file, but this cause my ASP doesn't work. After I load the flash the search form in the page fail. Is there any tag or attribute in <OBJECT> or <EMBED> to make the current folder to be changed. I did try the following but fail:1) <object ....><param name="base" value="http://mywebsite...">2) <object ... base="http://....."...>3) <embed ... base="http://...." ..>4) use all aboveCould anyone help me?
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