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how to return multiple items


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i need the values of all the field relid term1id, and term2id how do i do that.function makearray($result,$k){$num1 = mysql_numrows($result);echo "<br/><br/>result3 rows: ".$num1."<br/>";$relid = array();$term1id = array();$term2id = array(); for($i=0;$i<$num1;$i++) { $relid[$k][$i]=mysql_result($result,$i,"relationship_type_id");$term1id[$k][$i]=mysql_result($result,$i,"term1_id");$term2id[$k][$i]=mysql_result($result,$i,"term2_id");}$array =array($relid,$term1id,$term2id);return $array;}

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