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Hello Everyone,I have no idea someone can help me or not but i have confuse.My basic background is computer science. I have knowledge BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, C++, C, ORCAL, JAVA. but problem is i did this in 1995 then i go out side of computer field because family problem but now i want to jump again & become a web developer i start reading tutorial i can understand this tutorial but i have no idea how to start & basic what need for web developer all tutorial or some of them Actually what i need some can give me step by step assignment so its really helpful for me ThankRupal

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open note pad and write some html - save the file and open it with Firefox, Internet Explorer, or what ever you browser of choice is.Once you have seen that, choose a very simple topic that you alot about - maybe it is your dog or maybe your resume. Make a simple web site, three pages. If you use the dog, then make a home page with links to these three pages, this is how mine would look:a.) What is a Norwegian Buhundb.) Pictures of Marleyc.) Pictures of ZekaOn each page there should be links to everything, so you site navigation would look like this:Homepage | Norwegian Buhund | Marley Zane | Zeka MarliesCreate a folder on your c: and set up your directory structure:c:\mysitec:\mysite\imagesc:\mysite\cssc:\mysite\jsPut all your HTML files in c:\mysite and then all your supporting files in the respective folders.Try that out.When you have it all set on your machine, then we can talk about sharing it with the world by putting it on a web server.

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