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deny combination of certain element with others element value

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Need help for problem resolution with schema (maybe not?)I have a instance file like below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><report xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="bilances_poz.xsd"><row><row_id>A1</poz_id><row_country_code>US</row_country_code><row_currency_code>USD</row_currency_code> <gowernm>999</gowernm> <local>999</local> <issuers>999</issuers> <credit_instit>999</credit_instit> <private>999</private></row><row><row_id>A2</poz_id><row_country_code>PL</row_country_code><row_currency_code>POL</row_currency_code> <gowernm>888</gowernm> <local>888</local> <issuers>888</issuers> <credit_instit>888</credit_instit> <private>888</private></row></report>

Is it possible to define in schema to avoid the combination of element <row_id> value A1 with element <issuers> and A2 with <private> ? There could be more than one disallowed combinations per each row_id.I made a syntax by myself, but it is no approved with w3, of course.

<xs:denycombinations><xs:deny name="issuers"><xs:element name="row_id"><xs:element value="A1"/></xs:element></xs:deny><xs:deny name="private"><xs:element name="row_id"><xs:element value="A2"/><xs:element value="A3"/><xs:element value="A5"/></xs:element></xs:deny></xs:denycombinations>

Thank you for your time!Janis

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Nope. Schema doesn't care about anything but element names. (read my other post Here for more about schemas and what can, cannot, should, and shouldn't be done with them, along with a more theoretical definition of XML).Your solution here, however, is simple: inheritance:

<schema xmlns="...schema ns...">  <complexType name="rowType" abstract="true">	<element name="row_id" type="string" />	<element name="row_country_code" type="string />	<!--and all the others (but Neither issuers nor private-->  </complexType>  <complexType name="issuers_rowType">	<complexContent>	  <extension base="target:rowType">		<element name="issuers" type="integer"/>	  </extension>	</complexContent>  </complexType>  <complexType name="private_rowType">	<complexContent>	  <extension base="target:rowType">		<element name="private" type="integer"/>	  </extension>	</complexContent>  </complexType></schema>


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