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image float question

Guest electrolund

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Guest electrolund

I'm a relative newb to CSS. I'm trying to do this:css_example.jpgI want to have some images float on the left portion of a table, where text is to the right of it with some padding. The trouble I'm having is that if I use float tags, the text of course eventually falls beneath the image. I don't want that, I want the text to always remain on its own side. Almost as if it were a table with two columns.The blog where the image above came from... I've grabbed his CSS and can't really find where he makes this happen.Here's what I've done to come sort of close:

/* Gravatars plugin style */.gravatar {	float: left;	margin-right: 25px;	margin-left: -50px;	margin-bottom: -10px;	width: 45px;}

You can see this on my website. So any better ideas?

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