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Load data from another site?

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Hi,I have a basic knowledge of PHP (very basic actually, still learning) but I am curious how to load data from another site using it.Example: This page loads the amount of players on a server, located here (Once the page loads click "play RuneScape existing user" and then click "low detail" you will then see the server list). Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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<?php$contents = '';$handle = fopen("http://www.runescape.com/lang/en/aff/runescape/serverlist.ws?lores.x=1&plugin=0&order=WMLP","r"); if($handle){    while (!feof($handle)) {    $contents .= fread($handle, 8192);} fclose($handle);}function WorldPlayers($world)	{	$start = strpos($GLOBALS['contents'], 'World '.$world.'<');	if($start == 0){ return 'N/A'; }	$str1 = trim(substr($GLOBALS['contents'], $start+strlen($world)+21, 4));	if(Is_Numeric($str1)){ return $str1; }	else { return $str1; }} $count = explode('">World ', $contents);for($i=1; $i<=count($count); $i++){	echo $i.'. '.WorldPlayers($i).'<BR>';}?>

credits to whoever made this.Found it in my resources.

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Thanks a lot, I'll start decoding and adapting it in a bit.I'm curious how you manged to get the script, what are your "resources"?
My resources are all the files i have on my computer that written by other people and some written by me.This script is actually simple.It get the data from given link. Looks for world 1, world 2 enz and then it strips the text after it to get the players in the world.
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