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Can someone tell me... (URGENT)

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To color links, there are more ways. You can add inline style statements, but you can also choose for a stylesheet.

<a href="something" style="statements">Linktext</a>
<html><head>...<style type="text/css">a { statements }</style></head><body>...</body></html>
Both ways use statements to define anything about the <a> element.To color the link (both normal, visited, hover and active) use this statement:
color: purple
To underline the links or remove the underline:"
text-decoration: underlinetext-decoration: nonetext-decoration: overline underlinetext-decoration: line-through
To add several statements for the same element, separate them with a semicolon (;) like this:
<style type="text/css">a { color:purple; text-decoration:none }</style>
<a href="something" style="color:red; text-decoration:underline overline">link tekst</a>
You can also add different styles to all four states of the link, define statements for only certain classes and combinations between those two, but you should refer the tutorial then, CSS -> Advanced -> Pseudo-classes:) Edited by Dan The Prof

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Yes here is an easy way you can customize your page links..

<html><head><title> You Page Title </title><style type="text/css">  A{    color:blue;    text-decoration:none;    }  A:hover    {    color:red;    text-decoretion:underline;    }</style></head><body><a href="your-link"> This is Hyperlink </a><a href="your-link"> This is another Hyperlink </a></body></html>
The above code is a sample html page.. You can customize the colors as you like.. This stylesheet will apply to the all links of your page and normal link color wil be blue without underline. And when you mouse over it , its color becomes red with underline.For more detailed tutorial... Visit CSS Links and Menu Tutorial

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