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Converting specific words in paragraphs to links


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I've got scrolling text set up on my links page to scroll a movie clip of my links.In the movie clip I entered the text, which looks something like this:LINK 1blah blah blah blah blahLINK2blah blah blah blah... etc.Then I highlight the text that I want to be the link, LINK, 1 and in the properties panel I go down to the bottom where I enter the URL for the text link, then select _blank.This all looks fine in the movie clip, but then I return to scene 1 and test the movie. The links work great, but it seems to take out any spaces between the paragraphs so it looks more like...LINK 1blah blah blah blah blahLINK2blah blah blah blah... etc.What's going wrong here and is there a setting that I'm unaware of?Thanks!Ted

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