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Hello,I was thinking of buying a detailed book that cuold teach me AJAX. Like when thinking of buying and XHTML/CSS book one would only think of Dan Cederholm and is Bulletproof Web, so like that which book would you is the best for AJAX. I am a beginner in AJAX dont know much and would like to learn all the detailed stuff as well. Please suggest a book that I could buy, and if possible also give a link for it in Amazon.Thanking You,Prateek Saxena

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Prateek, i am a beginner as well. As far as Ajax, it seems from my research, that 'Ajax in Action' by Dave Crane seems to be mentioned alot. There seems to be aflux of new Ajax books coming in at the bookstores.I also studied Dan Cederholm. Excellent books. My faves. Have you checkedout Andy Budd? I consider those two at the top.http://www.amazon.com/Ajax-in-Action-Dave-...e/dp/1932394613

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