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Invalid Character '�' in XML File

Guest kunalshah

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Guest kunalshah

Hi All,I am trying to open an XML File using XMLTextReader in .NET.Its throwin an error saying Invalid character '' which is hexa decimal 0x19 character.There are two ways to remove this error from our application..Aprroach 1: Rather I access the file using Stream Reader line by line and Replace the characterApproach 2:I can use appropriate Encoding to read it properly.We have tested with Approach1 and its working fine.. But as its a memory consuming thing we are trying to go ahead with approach 2\Currently we are using UTF-8 or Windows 1252 Encoding Standard. But its unable to read this character.I need help from you guyz so that I can solve this issue. If any other approach then also please let me know.;Its kind of urgent...Hoping for suggestionsRegardsKunalkunalshah83@gmail.com

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