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Transfering a variable to an other page


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Hi guys,I'm not sure how to transfer my variable to the submit page. every else variable are send well except those two.Here the form.php

	<th bgcolor="#FFFFFF" width="34%">Picture Real Name</th>	<td bgcolor="#E5E5E5" width="66%"><?php	if ($row['picture_realname'] == "") {		echo "<input name=\"picture_realname\" type=\"text\" size=\"40\" >";	} else {		$_POST['picture_realname'] = $picture_realname;		echo $picture_realname;	}?>	</td>  </tr>  <tr>	<th bgcolor="#FFFFFF" width="34%">Picture Name</th>	<td bgcolor="#E5E5E5" width="66%"><?php	if ($row['picture_name'] == "") {		echo "<input name=\"picture_name\" type=\"text\" size=\"40\" >";	} else {		$_POST['picture_name'] = $picture_name;		echo $picture_name;	}?>	</td>

I tought by assigning the global variable $_POST['picture_name'] = $picture_name; would fix the problem but it didn't.Here the submit.php

case "picture":					$sql = "UPDATE picture 							SET picture_name = '" . $_POST['picture_name'] . "', 								picture_date = CURDATE(), 								picture_usefor = '" . $_POST['picture_usefor'] . "', 								picture_info = '" . $_POST['picture_info'] . "', 								picture_type = '" . $_POST['picture_type'] . "', 								picture_weight = '" . $_POST['picture_weight'] . "', 								picture_realname = '" . $_POST['picture_realname'] . "', 								picture_ofmonth = '" . $_POST['picture_ofmonth'] . "' 							WHERE picture_id = '" . $_GET['id'] . "'";				break;

Like I said every variable are fine excepte $picture_realname and $picture_name.If those to variable are empty then a text box will show insted fo the variable (that is fine and the submit too) but when the variable is not empty it show the name and realname... but when submited those two variable turn empty! so I have to goback and reedit them with the proper information :) Is there a way to send my two variable and get the proper information?Thank you for your helpMatpatnik

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The $_POST variable does not carry across from page to page. The information submitted through the POST method does carry across, but the $_POST variable gets created on every page, it doesn't move from page to page.If you want to submit something through POST but not have it in a visible element, use a hidden element:<input type="hidden" name="picture_name" value="<?php echo $picture_name; ?>">

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I need to show those two variable but I don't want them to be able to modify it (they can modify the rest of the form).So if I understand, I just have to remplace

} else {		$_POST['picture_realname'] = $picture_realname;		echo $picture_realname;	}


} else {		echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"picture_name\" value=\"" . $picture_name . "\">" . $picture_realname;	}

Yeah, it make sence. I don't know why I didn't think about this earlier :) Thank you justsomeguy!

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