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I'm redesigning my website. It was a bit too dark for some. Here's a sample of what I'm working on. I'm open to feedback.vchris2.jpg2nd samplevchris2_2.jpg

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I like where you're going with this vchris. It might be a little bit too much on the light side. I like the large V in the second image better, except the bottom of the V looks a little odd. I absolutely love the simplicity and modern/contemporary look of this. It looks more sophisticated than your previous site, which was still great by the way. I too loved the sliding tab in your about page. The previous site was more cool, while this is more classy.Is there any way you could bring back some of the techy look from your previous design into this one? The other site design in a way said "I know both the technical side and the design side" This design (to me) mostly says "I know design" The technology isn't sticking out as much to me.

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I think I prefer Sample one for the way the "V" is sized and positioned in the background. I, too, think the cream background is too light - if it were darkened up a little, the white content area will contrast more and therefore stand out more than blend in. The "V" will also become more pronounced.Then again, I'd like to see the content area of your current site simply changed to white background with black text - that might be all it needs to address the "darkness". Work a little with your nav buttons and you might not have to do that much more - especially if you can do this all through CSS.

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