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Hello,I want to access the clipboard of the computer. Like for example I have two testboxes on my HTML page, that are named "t1" and "t2" -

<input type="text" value="T1" name="t1" /><input type="text" value="T2" name="t2" />

Now what I want is that when someone clicks on a button then the stuf in the clipboard should be coopied in both the textboxes. But not that, let us say that the clipboard has the string "w3c Schools". Now before the stuff is actually copied I want it to be taken by the JavaScript and broken into two that is "w3c" and "school" and then be copied in t1 and t2. I want to be able to let the JS go though the string before it actually gets copied.How can I do that?? Please help!I mean is it even pobbsile to do that?

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