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  1. Dear all, I am very much new to this forum and this is my first post. I am having a Exceltotally program (Tally is an accounting program) Excel sheet is attached herewith. In A1 there is comment: <COLUMNNAME.LIST> <COLUMNNAME>ID</COLUMNNAME> </COLUMNNAME.LIST> <MASTER TYPE="LEDGER" SINGLERECORD="No"> <NAME.LIST> <NAME>sbi aakrutee</NAME> </NAME.LIST> <PARENT>Bank Accounts</PARENT> </MASTER> <VOUCHER> <GUID FORMULA="=+"ss-" & IF(AND(MONTH(B#)>=4,MONTH(B#)<=12),YEAR(B#) & "nn" & YEAR(B#)+1,YEAR(B#)-1 & "-" &YEAR(B#)) & "-" & IF(LEN(A#)>=18,"",REPT("0",18-LEN(A#))) & RIGHT(A#,18)"/> <DATE COLUMNREFERENCE="B"/> <EFFECTIVEDATE COLUMNREFERENCE="B"/> <VOUCHERTYPENAME>Receipt</VOUCHERTYPENAME> <REFERENCE COLUMNREFERENCE="A"/> <NARRATION COLUMNREFERENCE="H"/> <VOUCHERNUMBER COLUMNREFERENCE="A"/> <ALLLEDGERENTRIES.LIST> <LEDGERNAME COLUMNREFERENCE="C"/> <ISDEEMEDPOSITIVE>No</ISDEEMEDPOSITIVE> <AMOUNT FORMULA="=+Round(G#,2)*1"/> </ALLLEDGERENTRIES.LIST> <ALLLEDGERENTRIES.LIST> <LEDGERNAME>sbi aakrutee</LEDGERNAME> <ISDEEMEDPOSITIVE>Yes</ISDEEMEDPOSITIVE> <AMOUNT FORMULA="=+Round(G#,2)*-1"/></ALLLEDGERENTRIES.LIST> </VOUCHER> In Cell C1 comment is as under: <COLUMNNAME.LIST> <COLUMNNAME>LEDGERNAME</COLUMNNAME> </COLUMNNAME.LIST> <MASTER TYPE="LEDGER"> <NAME.LIST> <NAME COLUMNREFERENCE="C"/> </NAME.LIST> <PARENT>SUNDRY DEBTORS</PARENT> <ISBILLWISEON>No</ISBILLWISEON> <ISCOSTCENTRESON>No</ISCOSTCENTRESON> </MASTER> This excel sheet gives me a less than perfect result. It allows me to have one entry only under PARTICULARS. Screenshot is attached I want to have under PARTICULARS (in Tally program) Valuation fees 1500 Service tax 225 TDS Receivable AY1718 -150 So, total should be 1500+225-150 = 1575 Presently, with the above code, I can only enter Valuation fee = 1500/- How and what are the changes to make to get my result achieved. I am very much new to xml and so, I required help from you buddies
  2. Need help to send data from Excel to Tally program by xml

    Why no reply sir?
  3. Need help to send data from Excel to Tally program by xml

    Sorry I forgot to attach screen shot of final imported data in Tally program from Excel sheet. Herewith I attach the same https://app.box.com/s/1sexjvp14u6x16rqas8797wzireuqoh6 https://app.box.com/s/w57v3utm31km1ougzbvtdm8x4roqvc4b