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  1. Hi, I'm just learning the JavaScript touch event. For this I created this example: Example on Codepen In the above example, you can grab the element and move it to the right or left. It works. However I want to limit the horizontal movement of the element (for example only 100px to the left and 100px to the right). How can I do this? Thanks
  2. Hi, In the following script, each time you click the button it shows 4 more elements: Load 4 more elements I need to change the script so that when all elements are visible and you click again the button, all elements get hidden except of the first 4 elements. I tried for hours but couldn't find any solution. Could you please help me? Thanks
  3. Hi, I need to create a carousel (slider) which should like something like this: Which jQuery (or any other) carousel can I use for it? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your help. I found and fixed the issue now.
  5. Hi, looking at this example of Plunker: http://plnkr.co/edit/z0bnxjV2XkBZC0yJxL7Z?p=preview can some one please tell my why does each answer and each question coming from the JSON file show twice? Thanks
  6. I just want to understand it. I mean if the first <p> element 50px margin-bottom and the second <p> element 50px margin-top has then the distance between two paragraphs should be 100px. Why is it still 50px ????
  7. Hi, Consider a web page with two adjacent paragraphs: <p> first paragraph</p><p> second paragraph</p> With this CSS code applied to a web page: p { background-color: red; margin-top: 50px; margin-bottom: 50px;} What will be the distance between the two red rectangles displayed for the background color of these paragraphs? Answer: I thought it should be 100px but NO, the distance between two paragraphs would be only 50px. Can some one please explain WHY?? Tahnks
  8. This is what I have to do:
  9. Hi guys,I have following task in front of me and I really don't know where should I start.In a HTML form I have two input boxes for urls:URL FilterInclude:Exclude:The task is as follow:Include google - will include all the domains with "google" in the url.Exclude "referer" - will exclude all the domains that contains "referer" in the url.Is there any jQuery solution for this?Many thanks