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    Larger Images on mobiles

    Sorry I think I made myself sound more competent with coding than I am, could you elaborate on the second sentence?
  2. irncru

    Larger Images on mobiles

    Hi guys, So I'm just trying to make my site a bit more mobile friendly. I currently set the width to a % on images so as to keep them consistent on screen sizes. The only thing is the widths aren't compatible on mobiles and screens. If you see the images on this page http://www.brightonyouthcentre.org.uk/skateboarding/ ,they are fine on a computer, but way too small on a mobile when only spanning 60% of the screen or whatever. Really I'd like for them all to take up the full width. My first thought was to use a media query to say "if on mobile then make width 100%", BUT my problem is I use inline CSS for each of the images because I don't want them all the same width, so I think a media query would be overridden? That's what it seems like anyway as I tried it and nothing happened. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great! Thanks
  3. irncru

    Tooltip question!

    i haven't changed anything since my first post yet, my method of choice will be one or the other i took my link adding attempt out when i saw it didn't work, but it was simply changing the text "tooltip" to <a href="www.example.com">tooltip</a>
  4. irncru

    Tooltip question!

    brilliant, thanks very much! while i'm here, i have another question with them... is there a way to make the text that you hover over to reveal the tooltip a clickable link? the text takes this form already but when i click it it just takes me to the top of the page :/ i tried simply adding an html link to the text but it just messes the whole thing up
  5. irncru

    Tooltip question!

    Hello, I've made a basic tooltip using CSS, but was looking to make it possible so I can hover over it, so I can place links inside it etc. Is this possible using CSS? Thank you Here's my example tooltip at the top of the page http://1070009035.test.prositehosting.co.uk/timetable