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  1. maxkat

    Google Custom search

    Thanks. Not sure. W3 should be fixed for that since even they use Google search. I been going up and down the w3 source code on the front page but cant figure it out.
  2. maxkat

    Google Custom search

  3. maxkat

    Google Custom search

    i figured out its this line in w3 code * {box-sizing: border-box;} how do i change this?
  4. maxkat

    Google Custom search

    http://bestanimations.com/ take a look at my front page I am editing now with w3. The new search is below all the links panel and above the Himalaya gif.
  5. maxkat

    W3 Cards Responsive Center Align

    What was hard? Did it take long?
  6. maxkat

    Google Custom search

    Hi Guys So I just update my Google Custom Search code. AND W3 CSS is screwing it up! I remove the css and google code is fine. I put the w3 back and the search button screwily dissapears. I cant find any help. So pls help!
  7. maxkat

    W3 Cards Responsive Center Align

    Hi Guys, I just can not get the firggeenly awesome ws-card aligned center in my responsive lay out. I been breaking my head and trying this or that but just cant... my brain cant...I need help Here is a link to my awesome w-3 responsive card layout. The lonely card at the end of the page is aligned left. I would like to center 1 image in a Row with a max-width 600px. Now when I center with the reposive cells it goes to 100% of page and thats too big. http://bestanimations.com/Holidays/Birthday/birthday-flowers-gif.html
  8. maxkat

    Sticky Menu Like W3Schools

    HI Guys, I want the code for sticky top menu like w3schools site with the search function. Where is this code? And the search function code too? I have the same google search and woulf like it set up like that.