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    Repsonsive Navigation Menu with Multiple Dropdowns

    Wow dsonesuk! Thank you! That's perfect!
  2. gpjuno13

    Repsonsive Navigation Menu with Multiple Dropdowns

    Thank you very much for your quick response, Foxy Mod. added your script snippet to my existing script code and added a div with an id of "menu" around my menu code but I could not get it to work. I've updated my original post so that my original html (with old javascript) is visible without the need to download the html file. I hope this helps.
  3. Good day everyone! I will admit right off the hop that I know very little about javascript programming but I hope that with your help, I can learn something today. I've looked on w3 and elsewhere to find my answer but I have not been successful. I think what I'm trying to do is simple... Using w3.css, I am trying to create a navigation menu that will include more than one dropdown menu. I have the menu working to a point. Right now if I click on the three links with sub menus, the sub menus will display. However, they do not 'hide' unless I click on the top-menu link. That is, if I click on 'Training', the sub menu appears but will only disappear if I click on 'Training' again. Of course I want the sub-menu to disappear if I click anywhere outside the sub-menu or have another sub-menu appear if I click on its top-menu link. I've attached my html file for you to have a look. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Have a great day! <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://www.w3schools.com/lib/w3.css"> <body> <div class="w3-container"> <ul class="w3-navbar w3-light-grey"> <li><a href="#">Home</a></li> <li class="w3-dropdown-click"> <a onclick="myFunction()" href="#">Manuals <i class="fa fa-caret-down"></i></a> <div id="sub-menu" class="w3-dropdown-content w3-white w3-card-4"> <a href="#">Power Unit/Truck/Bus Safety Inspections and Standards</a> <a href="#">School Bus Safety Inspections and Standards</a> <a href="#">Trailer/Semi-Trailer Safety Inspections and Standards</a> <a href="#">Motorcycle Safety Inspections and Standards</a> </div> </li> <li class="w3-dropdown-click"> <a onclick="myFunction2()" href="#">Forms <i class="fa fa-caret-down"></i></a> <div id="sub-menu2" class="w3-dropdown-content w3-white w3-card-4"> <a href="#">Supply Form</a> <a href="#">Backup Forms</a> <a href="#">Station Application</a> </div> </li> <li class="w3-dropdown-click"> <a onclick="myFunction3()" href="#">Training <i class="fa fa-caret-down"></i></a> <div id="sub-menu3" class="w3-dropdown-content w3-white w3-card-4"> <a href="#">Option 1</a> <a href="#">Option 2</a> <a href="#">Option 3</a> </div> </li> <li><a href="#">Who to Call</a></li> </ul> </div> <script> function myFunction() { var x = document.getElementById("sub-menu"); if (x.className.indexOf("w3-show") == -1) { x.className += " w3-show"; }else { x.className = x.className.replace(" w3-show", ""); } } function myFunction2() { var x = document.getElementById("sub-menu2"); if (x.className.indexOf("w3-show") == -1) { x.className += " w3-show"; }else { x.className = x.className.replace(" w3-show", ""); } } function myFunction3() { var x = document.getElementById("sub-menu3"); if (x.className.indexOf("w3-show") == -1) { x.className += " w3-show"; }else { x.className = x.className.replace(" w3-show", ""); } } </script> </body> </html> test.html