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  1. marcodb

    Copy table from sql to mdb

    Thank's. I must use in a VB6 program, because i must copy table from server (internet mysql) in local for monthly update, and in local i haven't sql. I see the instruction above and i hope it exist a rapid method to copy record. After your good suggestion, i think that i trial to export in excell and import in access, if the instruction that i saw somewhere. Thank's.
  2. marcodb

    Copy table from sql to mdb

    Hi, i'm new and i hope not wrong with to ask the following question: i see this instruction SELECT * INTO CustomersBackup2013 IN 'Backup.mdb' FROM Customers; in thee site, that is in a section of copy from sql (to mdb, i thougt since the db name is backup.mdb). I'm looking for the similar command for copy/create the similar command but for mysql as origin and mdb as destination. Thanks of all.