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    I looked at a couple different tutorials. I can look at some of the tutorials and copy the code then edit it to what I need.The issue is getting it to send the email and how to get everything done. In other words, how to activate the code to get the geolocation (and IP address) and then import it into the email. If possible, I wouldn't mind having a table on another page that records the access information rather than email notification.
  2. HTML

    Hello, I am looking for some help. Long story short. I met a guy on craigslist and sold him an item. He told me he had a friend looking to get many of the item. About a month later I contacted him and asked if they were still interested. After a couple more weeks we met and we stole some cash and an item. We was smart in every way, ensuring everything concrete was said over the phone and not text. After he stole the stuff and continuing to speak, he said things that went against what he said before. He gave me two name, at least one is obviously fake; but I found nothing on either. SO... I have been looking to learn HTML to build websites because I am going to need over 25 done in the future. Right now, however, I am learning Microsoft Visual Basic in school so it is a bit hard to learn multiple languages at the same time. I have been trying to make a website were when accessed, or a button is clicked, it sends the geolocation and if possible all info of the device to me via email, and tracks movement if possible. I WILL NOT BE USING THIS TO GO AFTER HIM MYSELF, I plan on handing it to the police so they can handle it. Again, since I have nothing of him saying he was going to do anything, they can't do anything. Please, if you can help me write the code, or write it for me, I would really appreciate it. Although I want the stuff back, it is more of him stealing from me. **IF THIS POST IS AGAINST RULES, PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL DELETE. Thanks.**