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  1. Hello. How do we make cards appear lined up, auto centered and bootstrapped? Here is one card, I would like to have nine of them. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/tryit.asp?filename=tryw3css_cards_depth Could you, please, post a code for this quest? Thank you
  2. bad CSS and HTML

    I used the cod, but all menus just failed appear. I could not make them appear no matter what I did through admin panel
  3. bad CSS and HTML

    So, I should better forget about Sticky Notes and chose still images instead?
  4. bad CSS and HTML

    dsonesuk, thank you so much for your friendly expertise. I am not big on coding, just copy and paste stuff. I copied sticking notes’ code from https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-sticky-note-effect-in-5-easy-steps-with-css3-and-html5--net-13934 … then checked the code on Notepad++ and just pasted it into my website’s front page. Then began editing sticky notes right in there, adding text and images. BUT, when top menu was activated it turned my front page sticky notes’ size. No menu works the way it should, both top menu and side menus. Now, I am about to discard sticky notes and just use still images instead of them, though they look really great and I was sort of proud about my 4-day work. My website is Joomla 3 version http://mygraylings.com/index.php/en/
  5. bad CSS and HTML

    I did exactly as you suggested and my Top Menu now just fails to appear at all. So I am back to that cripple CSS code
  6. bad CSS and HTML

    Unfortunately, I am not big on CSS and things. I would spoil the whole thing up. Could you, please, make changes to my code by yourself? I will pay your time. Thank you for spending your time on my problem
  7. bad CSS and HTML

    Thanks for response! The HTML file is in attachment sticky_notes.html
  8. bad CSS and HTML

    Hello, My home page has Sticky Notes and they keep affecting my Top Menu, making the Top Menu look like Sticky Notes, but without content, just top menu’s name in it. I believe that there is something wrong with my CSS (I am not a pro at HTML, just copy & paste stuff, though some images and texts have been added). Second, on hover sticky notes are underlined and that is not supposed to happen. I love my sticky notes, they look pretty good, I spent a lot of effort on making them look good but still cannot make them being friendly to my Top Menu, as well as to the Side Modules. Sticky notes turn all my menus into a real mess (see images attached). Images of my problem are in the attachment. Any help ideas are much appreciated Thanks in advance