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    Diffrent result when i put my site in an folder

    Oke Sorry... Yesterday and this morning it was not working…. And now it’s working. But I didn’t change a thing. This is strange! But thanks for your effort.
  2. Hi All, I recently start with self-education to build a website for my father's company. Most of the time I use this website to learn new stuff. But at the moment I have a strange problem and I can’t find what’s wrong. I already search fo hours and tried different things. When I uploaded the site in an test folder on our domain everything is working perfect. www.mginterieurs.be/test/index.html But when I upload this to the final location of our site it’s stop working. This is the link so you can see the differents: www.mginterieurs.be/index.html Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance! Sander