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  1. Thanks for the reply justsomeguy, this is the real pic n.2. Yes, I'm saying that the plugin is not working at all. When I drop the social module trough LiveComposer (see pic n.1) I should only copy-past Facebook page's URL in the proper field in order to let the button works, anyway it's still not working. I tought that LiveComposer or the social module could being broken, so I started the analysis of the page by using Google Developer Tools hoping that, with this methode, I'll be able to find the file responsible for the social module by surfing my website with an FTP client. Unfortunatly, it is not as easy as I tought; after days I'm still not being able both to localize and edit the proper file. If you need other information or If I had not been clear feel free to ask anything you want.
  2. Hello friends, I'm a web designer in grass who started for necessity and then is now really enjoying this peculiar sector; by considering this, I'm sorry if I'm going to result extremly newbie. I'll try to explain my issue as clear as I can, forgive me if you'll read something that could make you want to kill yourselves. I'm running a Wordpress blog on Altervista with the West theme by aThemes, which include the LiveComposer plugin. As you can see from pic n.1, I'm trying to edit the social module by adding URLs from social pages related to my website; here start the tragedy. Since there's no way to let things work by simply add URL in the proper field of the module, I started analyzing code with Google Developer Tools (GDT), hoping to find the right file and operate directly on the code. As a result, I found the line visible in the pic n.2, who has the href line broken by a # positioned before the URL. According to the Sources panel of GDT, the file containing the incriminated line should be located inside the folders mywebsite.org/wp-content or mywebsite.org/wp-includes. Here I started with a compulsive navigation trough all website's folders thanks to FileZilla, by endend up with a new defeat for me and a win for Wordpress. Considering that my brain were starting to implode, I tried every drastic solutions that lightend on my mind, like surfing the previous quoted folders hoping that I'll face something similar to mywebsite/wp-admin. What happened next? A blank page telling me "no index file were found, try with index.html, index.htm, index.php". The curious part is that trough FileZilla I found those requested files, without solving my problem. The only result I think I've achieved was finding the social module.php file located in plugins/live-composer-page-builder/modules/social module. In the line visible on pic n.3 (which number match with the one found with GDT), is present the only thing that I think I've understand; namely the 'facebook' ref should be a variable determined by another file, maybe the one with the href value that I'm desperating looking for. I would really appreciate any replies that could point me to the right direction in order to solve this drama. Thanks if you have read the entire wall of text, I know that I've got a lot to learn (and a lot of confusion in my mind) but I'm trying to improve myself day by day.