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    Issues creating a rollover button

    Sorry, how would I go about doing that? I've yet to do the CSS tutorials on the site so I'm still a but unfamilar with it, my only understanding comes from copying exactly what the books tell me.
  2. Hey everyone. I’ve been working through a book – HTML5 in easy steps – and have come across an issue which I can’t resolve through just through following the instructions perfectly, twice from the ground up. The book is from 2017, so I would hope it is not that outdated yet to be giving completely wrong instructions. I’m trying to create a rollover button – a button that changes appearance when the mouse is hovering over it – that takes the user to Youtube when clicked. The hyperlink part of the button works fine, but it does not change appearance when the mouse is hovering over it. There are no problems apparent in the code when using the Inspect feature of Google Chrome. Attached is a screenshot of my HTML and CSS documents. If anybody could point out where I’m going wrong with this I’d very much appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.