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  1. Well, most of those you can see what I actually mean if you look in the context. For me, there are more than 3 cookies, a lot more. I don't know what it is, maybe because I use the website a lot, but there are more than 3. With google analytics you can learn a lot about someone. You can use it to pretend like you know someone. And to "intercept a link" you would have to just listen to the webservers responses. The examples I gave were purely examples of what could happen. And SSL doesn't prevent any of this, it is the very strong implementation of the concept that will. But even with that, there is always a way.
  2. That is incorrect. There are so many cookies you can access. There is also a link to the forum, which could be intercepted and there is something for someone to pretend to be an "admin" about. "Hey, so I see you are new here, I am going to need you to make a new password. You can just send a message in this format, Old: OLDPASSWORD New: NEWPASSWORD and we will set it. Sorry for the inconvenience, we just moved over to a new system and the devs messed something up haha." When thinking of security on the internet, it is important to think of every possible situation. Hackers can be quite creative. There are at least a million variations of the website redirect where it tells you to download a virus but it is "windows-fix.exe" While you are somewhat accurate, since no sensitive information is actually passed through it, there is a way to get that information.
  3. Ok, so I know how to use Java on the backend, but I was confused about something and wanted a resource, so naturally since I knew you had a java section, I went to w3schools (as one does). I saw that you only have simple java. THIS IS NOT OK! You labeled it "Server Side Language" and while you are not wrong, it would be nice if you showed how it was used on the server side. Thank you.
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