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  1. Great help! I googled what you said except replaced "video" with "audio" and eventually found this page https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5635365/html-5-audio-tag-width and this answer which worked perfectly! Can't get any simpler than that. <audio controls style="width: 200px;"> <source src="http://somewhere.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio>
  2. If there is anything in W3 that answered my question, I wouldn't be posting. I am talking about this item: It is automatically inserted with this code. Check this link: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_audio.asp then go to the "Try it yourself" page. Nothing is said or shown about the size. I want to make it smaller. That W3 page has nothing about any possible options or settings. I can't find any other site that says anything useful although one site mentioned it was like the IMG command (but I can't seem to set the size like you can with an image). Thanks for at least replying.
  3. I'm a newbie to the audio command and I find it takes too much horizontal space in a table cell for the icon (if that's what you call it?). Is there any way to set the size so it is smaller or bigger? While I started writing HTML back in the early '90s, my knowledge and use of HTML hasn't progressed much beyond that. But I have figured out how to do lots of things only by looking at other HTML and copying it or by searching the web. But I see nothing on this topic.
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