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  1. This work fine (2 folders up and one down): <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../css/w3.css"> Should this not work as well ? (1 folder up and one down) <div w3-include-html="../folder/content .html"></div>
  2. The structure is like this: 1: ok http://www.abc.de/kor/home/index.html http://www.abc.de/kor/home/content.html "index.html" includes: <div w3-include-html="content.html"></div> 2: ok http://www.abc.de/kor/home/index.html http://www.abc.de/kor/home/folder/content.html "index.html" includes: <div w3-include-html="folder/content.html"></div> 3: not working http://www.abc.de/kor/home/index.html http://www.abc.de/kor/folder/content.html "index.html" includes: <div w3-include-html="../folder/content.html"></div> 4: not working http://www.abc.de/kor/home/index.html http://www.abc.de/kor/content.html "index.html" includes: <div w3-include-html="../content.html"></div>
  3. Hi, <div w3-include-html="content.html"></div> works fine for me; so does: <div w3-include-html="folder/content.html"></div> but <div w3-include-html="../folder/content.html"></div> does not i.e. picking up a code from a parallel folder. Please advise OliSig
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